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Bring your projects and rollouts safely to their destination

Successfully Implement Change WITH People!

We support you to transform your business: Through appropriate methods, extensive communication, and management know-how, as well as a wealth of best practices from numerous transformation and rollout projects, we help you successfully implement your initiatives.

The Three Pillars of Successful Project Management

Project Management

In addition to practical knowledge and common sense, significant experience is necessary to properly select the right tool for the right purpose.

We strategically and responsively combine the advantages of both traditional and agile methods and principles, adapting them to suit your specific situation and requirements.  

Integration Management

The implementation of successful business transformation often occurs over an extended period, involves a wide variety of organizational units, and requires diverse skills and knowledge. 

We will assist you in the professional implementation and organizational management of this complexity.

Rollout Management

Rollout projects present unique requirements. The initial challenge arises from determining the appropriate rollout strategy and project architectures.
You will be able to leverage our extensive experience and best practices gathered from numerous rollout projects around the world.

Project Management

Professional and Competent Support for Project Supervision

Maybe you want to focus on your core business, or maybe you simply want to know that your project is inprofessional and competent hands?
Is there a risk that assumptions made at the project's outset might change over the course of its implementation?

Successful project execution depends on various factors, including clear objectives, effective communication, robust risk management, and meticulous resource planning. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the tools you need at your disposal. By identifying necessary changes early on in the process, we aim to minimize the effort required for necessary adjustments. We merge the advantages of both traditional and agile project management methods and principles by offering you targeted solutions, which are tailored to your individual needs. 

We navigate your project securely to its destination!

From the project idea...
  • Creating a solid basis for decision-making and budgeting for your overall initiative.

  • Defining suitable project structures and a project framework plan.

  • Establishing an implementation and rollout strategy for the successful execution of your project.

...through detailing and implementation...
    • Directing and coordinating project activities and the project team.

    • Monitoring and reporting on project progress and risks.

    • Identifying, coordinating, and initiating appropriate measures to minimize risks.

...and finally the …“Lessons Learned ”phase!

Exchange, analyze, and document experiences, and define appropriate measures to improve project structures and processes for both the rollout project, as well as subsequent projects:

  • What went well and should be retained? 

    • What could we learn from the challenges overcome and mistakes made? What could we do better in future?

      • How successful was the collaboration and communication within the project team? What should be retained? What could be improved?

  • What you Gain:

    • Full transparency regarding project status, costs, quality, timelines, and risks.
    • Planning certainty.
    • Proactive project and change management directed towards achieving defined project goals.
    • Flexible change management.
    • Synergy effects for rollout and subsequent projects.

    Integration Management

    Integrating processes, organizations, applications, and data

    Transformation projects impact a wide variety of organizational units and require diverse skills and know-how. To manage an initiative effectively, tasks need to be consolidated into manageable work packages within an efficient project organization. On the one hand, this is a prerequisite for project success; on the other hand, it creates risks that endanger the achievement of corporate and project objectives.

        • Subprocesses can function independently, but there may be discontinuities in the overall process when applied and implemented across applications and organizations.
        • Due to lack of information sharing and communication gaps between project teams, suboptimal decisions may be made.
        • Functionality might not meet business requirements.

    In large and complex projects, project managers often lack the time and/or expertise to address project integration issues. We help you coordinate all aspects of the project related to integration. We also provide coaching for all initiatives and decisions related to integrating processes, organizations, applications, and technologies.

    What you Gain:

      • All activities and tasks are directed towards a holistic objective.

      • The work packages of sub-projects are part of an integrated overall architecture and comply with integration requirements.

      • The delivered outcomes provide a comprehensive solution that meets predefined objectives and seamlessly integrates processes, organizations, applications, and data. 

    Rollout Management

    Securely Navigating Transformations to Success

    Rollout projects come with unique requirements, such as:

        • Determination of the suitable rollout strategy
        • Local requirements (e.g., commercial law, tax law)
        • Knowledge transfer between the core project and rollout teams
        • “Defense” of developed standard architecture and solutions
        • Capacity constraints and resource scarcity

    For a successful rollout of your new corporate architecture, a strategic plan, and appropriate project structures for managing your rollout projects are essential.

    What You Gain:

        • Costs and time savings created by a tailored and individually adapted rollout toolkit utilizing defined standards and methods.
        • Conscious management of localizations and optimizations of your template solutions through reliable template governance.
        • Careful management of your resources and capacities through appropriate rollout, multiplier, and knowledge management strategies.

    Do you have any questions and are you interested? Feel free to send us your message or give us a call.  We look forward to seeing you!