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Tailor-made development and implementation of IT services


Data Center

We co-develop IT infrastructure services with our clients.

Network Consulting

From network design to rollout, network projects are our passion.

Data Center


  • Initial Analysis
  • Capacity Estimation
  • Development of a Requirement Specification
  • Selection of a Suitable Data Center
  • Coordination of Data Center Services
  • Coordination of Interconnection Services
  • Coordination of Support Services

Cloud Services

  • IaaS, PaaS, Cloud
  • Initial Analysis
  • Service Planning
  • Capacity Estimation
  • Development of a Catalog of Specifications
  • Provider Selection

Network Consulting

From Idea to Production

Starting from the 'yellow cable,' we have been successful with our clients in numerous campus, data center, and WAN projects.

Rollout Specialists

  • Estimate Efforts
  • Conduct Time Planning
  • Plan, Coordinate and Implement Changes

LAN / WAN from Design to Implementation

  • Create Designs
  • Develop Concepts
  • Detailed Planning
  • Implement
  • Document

Do you have any questions and are you interested? Feel free to send us your message or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you!