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Project Overview: Mechanical and plant engineering/ Automotive industry

Mechanical and plant engineering/ Automotive industry

The Challenge

Analysis and coordination of cross-stream E2E processes as part of a functional expansion of the group template for the customer order-related project and variant production of machines as well as the downstream processing of service orders for the maintenance and repair of the machines sold. The objective was to complete the basics and documentation for the key user training courses due at short notice in a maximum of 10 weeks, thus ensuring the successful go-live on the planned date.

S/4 Hana: SAP®-CO (PC; CCA, OPA, PA, PCA), SAP®-PS, SP-CS, SAP®-PP-PI with Variant manufacturing, SAP®-SD, SAP®-MM, SAP®-FSCM


Cross-stream coordination and documentation of E2E processes for customer order-related production and service processing and creation of process training:

    • Organization and moderation of cross-stream workshops to coordinate cross-functional E2E processes for various business scenarios: from quotation preparation to down payment processing, delivery, final assembly and final invoicing
    • Design and documentation of the value flows associated with the core operational processes in SAP ®FI, CO and PS: from quotation, down payment processing, production, delivery and final invoicing
    • Preparation of the concept and documents for the E2E process training courses
    • Support in the creation of cross-functional and cross-module test scenarios and process training for the handling of logistical process flows and their integration with the value flows in accounting and controlling

Customer benefits

Significant increases in the adherence to the planned schedule for the start of the key user training and the user acceptance test, and thus greater adherence to the deadlines of the overall project plan. Within 3 months with an effort of less than 100 PT, we were able to combine the functions and single processes of 11 different streams to cross functional E2E processes for 11 different business scenarios.

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